YourGene Laboratory Technology

Anti-aging Technology – Biochemical and Genomic Testing

yourgene laboratory 5 YourGene Laboratory TechnologyAgeless Asia is an international consortium of specialty testing and educational service providers dedicated to the anti-aging physician. Our testing services focus on hormones and other key bio-markers of physiologic aging. Our scientific and medical staff, long-time leaders in anti- aging medicine, assist physicians to grow their anti-aging practices through structured education and peer-to-peer counseling programs.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive anti-aging lab profiles, inclusive of urine, Saliva and Serum testing and have recently added a wide variety of EXCLUSIVE Genomic Testing.  Our exclusive Genomic Biochip technology offers the most advanced generation of technology and equipment available.

  • Aging Markers
  • Male and Female Hormone Profiles
  • Adrenal Stress Profiles
  • Neuroendocrine Markers
  • Genetic Markers
  • Genetic Expression profiles
  • Gene Methylation Profiles
  • True Biological Age Markers
  • Telomere Shortening