Ageless Asia Clinics

The Ageless Asia Medical Concept

  • The most effective connection between medicine and lifestyle.
  • Experience freshness, vitality, new quality of life – customised for you!
  • We create an individualised assessment and integrated personal programme for each of our patients and customers, according to their personal health status.
  • The basis of our prevention and regeneration programmes is a comprehensive patient profiling process and risk assessment covering most of the major health concerns.
  • Together with our doctors you make the selections after a comprehensive initial medical examination.
  • The treatment packages are designed to meet everyone’s personal and individual needs.


One Step at a Time

  • Prediction and risk assessment are the basis of an adequate intervention programme.
  • The integration of all risk factors empowers the physician to design an adequate intervention plan.
  • Our experience shows that the ideal personal program must be include a comprehensive genetic assessment to determine the foundation of an adequate anti-aging plan.
  • For all of Ageless Asia programmes, dietary, nutritional and exercise prescription are integrated for maximum success .
  • A comprehensive follow up and constant advice are the cornerstone of a successful outcome.


Physical Health and Fitness

  • Our physiotherapists and sport science professionals provide you with equipment for an appropriate sport and movement therapy and create for you an individual training programme – for home as well.
  • You are personally accompanied and motivated and get into shape quickly.


Sport and Movement Training

  • Muscle function/endurance and co-ordination check 30 min.
  • Lung function test
  • Bio-impedance measurement
  • Rhythmogram
  • Functional training 50 min.
  • Functional training 25 min.


Physiotherapy / Functional Therapy

  • Physiotherapeutic examination 50 min.
  • Posture and flexibility check 15 min.
  • Individual physiotherapy 50 min.
  • Individual physiotherapy 25 min.
  • Functional body therapy 50 min.
  • Functional body therapy 25 min.
  • Pilates 50 min.
  • Pilates 25 min.
  • Yoga individual session 50 min.


Mood Disorders: Mind & Mental Health

  • Ageless Asia Mood Disorders
    Physical complaints are often an expression of stress, conflicts and overloading with a direct impact on your body. We at Ageless Asia offer you support and help with burn-out syndrome, psychosomatic complaints, overcoming personal crises, finding goals and enhancing your own potential.
    Autism, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Personal Crisis
    Balance check 30 min.
    Potential analysis 50 min.
    Man/Woman Life Coaching 50 min.
  • Mental Disorders
  • Mental Coaching
  • Executive Health
  • The interplay of work and life synergy is illuminated and focused on. Being aware of and understanding these interconnections make balancing professional and private interests significantly easier and reveal new clarity and perspectives. Executive Life Coaching uses regeneration as the basis for reflection.
    Executive Life Coaching 50 min.
    Business Life Coaching 50 min.


Bio Identical Hormone Modulation

  • A programme that restores your true hormone levels to a youthful state, allowing regeneration and revitalization of almost all cells in the body.
  • Acts at the level of the DNA structure.


Counselling Therapy

  • Therapy that may be blended into the revitalization programme, to allow the mind, and body to return to its maximum capacity in the shortest time frame.


Hypnotherapy Session

  • Programmes designed to get rid of negative behaviours, eg: smoking, drinking excessively, that adversely affect health and reverse ageing programs.