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Ageless Asia Products and Services

Ageless Asia comprehensive portfolio of Advanced Clinical protocols, Genomics, Pathology and Integrative Medicine Biochemical Services, Stem Cells, compound pharmacy and unique nutritional products.

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The Ageless Asia Clinical Program

An integrated and comprehensive antiaging clinical program, fully integrated by a specially designed patient management software, preliminary questionairs, patient profiling, treatment and intervention and follow up. The latest in healthcare services and antiaging programs.

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Genomic Technology

A unique patented technology based on a biochip platform offering complete genomic services and testing capabilities. A complete service analysing between 200 to 500 SNPs , a comprehensive individualised report inclusive of health and intervention recommendations for the customer and the physician.

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Pathology and Integrative Medicine Biochemical Services

We offer comprehensive normal pathology, anti-aging lab profiles, inclusive of Urine, Saliva and Serum testing. A complete service inclusive of testing, data analysis, interpretation and recommendations for the practitioner.

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Compounding Pharmacy

Ageless Asia offers a comprehensive range of Compounding Services and compounding technology to meet the individual requirements of the patient and physician alike. Ageless Asia specialises in extemporaneous compounding with a special focus on complementary medicines. Our laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive range of specialised pharmaceutical equipment to enable us to prepare quality customised medication to suite the needs of each individual.

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Nutritional Products

An extensive range of especially designed nutritional products, based on more than 20 years of research and clinical experience. The products are formulated and manufactured for each individual and based on the actual requirements, practitioner prescription and genomic analysis